Dignity Day events are carried out by voluntary facilitators who lead the activities in plenary and in the classrooms. This is a great opportunity to meet young people and talk to them about dignity. To get things off the ground and make this a positive experience for our volunteers, we have compiled a set of tools that make it easy for you to prepare for your role as facilitator. These include a video that takes you through the day step by step. Remember that all preparations are taken care of by Global Dignity in advance, in close cooperation with the schools.

Teaching tools

This video has been produced to give you a brief introduction to Dignity Day and your role and responsibilities as a voluntary facilitator.

The following guides have been written for schools, but Dignity Day events may also be held in other contexts. There are many different ways to conduct a dignity course, but here are step-by-step manuals that are easy to follow.

Feel free to do things differently if you wish. Just remember that your activities need to reflect the spirit of the Dignity Principles.

Global Dignity Teaching Tools




This song was written and composed by innovative musician Dave Stewart and performed by hip-hop artist Nadirah X in support of Global Dignity Day. This is a great way to kick things off.


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