Global Dignity Day

Global Dignity Day takes place in schools on the third Wednesday of October each year. It is carried out in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas. Thousands of volunteers act as guides and facilitators, leading the students in a conversation about dignity. The aim is to make the concept of dignity tangible and understandable for each and every student. Defining dignity in their own words and sharing stories from their own lives gives students ownership of the concept.

The facilitators lead the discussion on the Dignity Principles and are the first to tell their stories. After that, the students share their own stories, initially in small groups and ultimately in front of the whole class. At the end of the day, selected students from each class recount their dignity stories to the rest of their peers in the plenary gathering.

Who Are the Facilitators?

Some facilitators are established role models from the world of sports, culture, politics, business or NGOs. Others are everyday people from all walks of life. What they have in common is a desire to instill positive values and an understanding of dignity in young people, providing them with a sense of interconnectedness and worth that will guide them as they grow.

Anyone who wishes to help young people fulfill their full potential can serve as a role model.

Take Action

We believe in action, and encourage participants to take steps to boost dignity in their own lives. In the course of Dignity Day, students write a letter to themselves stating what they want to achieve for themselves and others by focusing on dignity.

These letters are returned to the students a year later as a reminder of their goals.