Amir Shihadeh, Found and Director of, has recently been named Global Dignity Country Chair for Jordan. He shares his ideas below on why he has joined the Global Dignity community, how it can be a platform to help young people around the world.

“Children are born pure, adults must keep them that way.”


Amir speaking with Jordanian school children on fulfilling their potential (Photo: Khaled Abdel Jabbar)

The youth of today make up half of the world’s population. Young people instinctively have and display genuineness, loyalty, respect, tolerance, and understanding – a great and comprehensive definition of dignity. The elder generation must ensure this purity remains within our youth, which in return, will ensure a future of positive enhancements. The potential of the youth extends far beyond our imagination… and we must do everything to help that flourish.

The core concept of Global Dignity is one that all people can relate to: “In a day and age where there is so much conflict in the world (between cultures, religions, generations, socioeconomic classes, and more) there is a great need for broad agreement on something unifying, something that encourages and even grows a sense of community. That something is dignity.”

Dignity is one word with many definitions and its effect towards enhancing humanity is exponential. Imagine living in a world where respecting one’s dignity is the norm. I seek to instill dignity in the hearts of as many people I can possibly reach. This community, that is being spread throughout the world, can be furthered through events, online media, and most importantly by actions that touch people’s lives. Spreading the messages of dignity will hopefully be easy; convincing the hearts of people to live dignified lives may be the real challenge.

The great Global Dignity team will strongly lead this association and its cause to success. Joining such a global platform with diverse individuals will encourage the exchange of best practices, which will assist our mission of spreading dignity. Connecting and collaborating with similar mindsets will strengthen our momentum towards enhancing this world. In the days we currently live in, dignity is much needed from all aspects of life; societal, religious, economical, environmental, and political. I hope to spread the beauty of dignity to as many people possible.